As a cannabis enthusiast and artist I began painting cannabis-themed art in 2012
— Artist Charles Lounsberry

Charles Lounsberry has been an artist by trade as well as a cannabis enthusiast for many years.  Lounsberry combines these two passions to create art that embraces the movement to legalize marijuana. He is an accomplished painter who works primarily in acrylics painting on large canvases.  An appreciation of vintage advertising art as well as a fan of Belle Epoch poster art has served as an inspiration for Lounsberry’s current style of painting.   Pop art legends such as Warhol, Rosenquist, Rusha, provided great motivation for Lounsberry create the new cannabis art movement -that conveys the current marijuana friendly social climate.  “As a cannabis enthusiast,” Lounsberry says, “I knew that eventually marijuana, sorry-cannabis -as it is professionally referred to now, was going to go mainstream. I’ve been painting professionally since the 80’s and needless to say, the 70’s were a big inspiration for my current work.  When I began to detect a sea change in attitude toward the acceptance of marijuana back in 2011, I was inspired to start painting cannabis themed pieces.   I had a vision that cannabis art would become highly collectible, because art reflects the sentiment of the times, and marijuana art will define this era of change.  I thought I could paint some great images that would capture what I like about weed, with just the right amount of protest to get people thinking. I also thought my work would appeal to both the cannabis enthusiast and the serious art collector.”


Lounsberry’s first series of paintings centered around the symbol of freedom, the Statue of Liberty. His “Liberty series” is a continuing portfolio of large canvas paintings that depict images of the Statue of Liberty smoking a joint with various expressions. “The Statue of Liberty is the ultimate symbol of freedom,” says Lounsberry, and I thought it fitting that a series of paintings of Lady Liberty smoking marijuana would symbolize some type of battle cry for the full legalization of marijuana in the United States. My first ‘Liberty” painting completed in 2014, is titled Liberty and Just Fun for All which is the truth, marijuana, cannabis, pot, weed whatever your term of endearment is…cannabis is fun! Cannabis is the herb that makes life better!”